Wednesday, May 20th, 1pm-2pm ET

The Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research & Innovation Center, Inc. (MATRIC) is a strategic innovation partner to the science and technology industries. The depth of MATRIC’s expertise in chemical product research, product development, process improvement, process intensification, process safety, engineering and manufacturing is not unique in and of each element, but rather because all these disciplines are concentrated in one organization. It is this anomaly that sets MATRIC apart from many in the marketplace. 

MATRIC provides chemical process technology implementation support from bench scale through to commercialization, with focused capabilities in the development and piloting phase of the technology development.  MATRIC’s experienced technologists work together with their customers’ staffs to move technology efficiently through the development process and accelerate the successful commercialization of their technologies, all while maintaining a steady eye on safety and financial risk.

This presentation will describe MATRIC’s capabilities, both facilities and staff expertise, and how these come together to meet our customers’ needs for the development of their intellectual property.  This will include discussion of MATRIC’s multi-functional team approach, incorporation of customer’s staff as a part of the project team, customer ownership of the IP developed, the variety of facilities available at MATRIC and the expertise of the MATRIC staff.  We will discuss how this works using some actual examples of customer projects.

 Please email Ashley Smith-Schoettker at if you'd like to attend.