European Efforts in Process Intensification

European Union (EU) efforts to develop Process Intensification (PI) for the chemical industry have been more focused and organized than US efforts. The Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) is currently applying Process Intensification and Smart Manufacturing (SM) to several initiatives within the DOE nuclear chemical enterprise. In order to leverage the expertise developed by the European chemical industry, site visits were made to the leading consortia and chemical companies to identify technology available within the European chemical industry that can be applied to accelerate the US Department of Energy Environmental Management (DOE-EM) mission. European efforts in Process Intensification have evolved from a “toolbox” of technologies approach to a more fundamental multi-disciplinary approach involving both scientists and engineers. Summary findings and conclusions from SRNL’s efforts to investigate European efforts in Process Intensification were presented at the 2015 Process Development Symposium in Houston, TX had a session on Process Intensification on June 3, 2015.