Chemical Process Electrification: An Overview

Archived Webinar
Originally delivered Aug 26, 2020
With more solar and wind energy being produced, sustainable electricity supply is constantly increasing. This could offer great opportunities for the chemical industry. The supply of sustainable...

Computational Catalysis: A Process Intensification Tool

Archived Webinar
Originally delivered Jul 30, 2020
Why is kinetic modeling conducted and how does it provide you with the quantitative data that you are seeking? This webinar captures the fundamentals of microkinetic modeling, specifically to develop...

Time-Scale Analysis: A Process Intensification Tool

Archived Webinar
Originally delivered Oct 16, 2019
When developing chemical process modules or analyzing a plant flow-sheet diagram one needs a tool to recognize the elements of the process where process intensification is needed and in what...

Design, Application & Economics of Process Intensification

Archived Webinar
Originally delivered Sep 25, 2019
Process intensification offers a new and different paradigm in which to view applied chemical engineering. There has been much discussion on the principles of process intensification and use for more...