What is RAPID?

RAPID is the Modular Chemical Process Intensification Institute for Clean Energy Manufacturing.

RAPID's Industry-Led Vision

The RAPID institute is creating

  • a dynamic network of partners who collectively build a sustainable ecosystem
  • that develops and broadly commercializes new MCPI technology
  • delivering dramatic reductions in energy, greenhouse gas, capital and operating cost
  • that makes U.S. Manufacturing and our workforce more competitive.

RAPID's Ecosystem

The RAPID institute is a diverse network of industry leaders, researchers, educators, engineers, operators and facilities.

Join Now

  • Participate in roadmapping.
  • Participate on the Governing Board, Technical Advisory Board (TAB), and Members Council.
  • IP Benefits - Get in on the ground floor; joining later requires IP buy-in.

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Contact Membership Director Lamese Bader.

Member Benefits

  • Be at the forefront in developing new technology related to process intensification.
  • Participate in members council meetings to help steer the course of the organization.
  • Opportunities to develop projects (with cost share).
  • Access discounts on AIChE and RAPID conferences and events.
  • Help educate and train your current and future workforce.
  • Additional benefits depend on membership level, e.g. IP privileges, governing board sets, or part of the Technical Advisory Board or its subcommittees.

Industrial Membership

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Academic / Gov’t Lab / Non-Profit / State & Local Membership

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