NSF Workshop on Process Intensification

September 30 - October 1, 2014

The goal of this two-day workshop was to identify theoretical challenges and practical open questions in the area of Process Intensification (PI), and initiate some funding opportunities.

The final report from this workshop is now available.

The objective of the workshop was to be a colloquium where the main contributions in the area of process intensification would be discussed and the challenges identified. Bringing together academic and industrial participants, the workshop provided a unique forum to identify the existing successes and future opportunities in the process area.

The workshop consisted of four presentation sessions including one general session covering the main concepts of PI, and three application sessions including PI opportunities for different industrial sectors, such as chemical, petrochemical, energy, and pharmaceutical. It also highlighted advances in the fundamental sciences of reaction engineering, separation processes and environmental engineering.

Participants were asked to complete a questionnaire providing input regarding the challenges and opportunities in PI, how their research fit into this area, and how the Smart Manufacturing initiative can interact with activities in PI. The report summarizes input received through the questionnaires, and from workshop presentations and discussions.

View the report here

Other Process Intensification Events

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European Efforts in Process Intensification
Originally Delivered: Aug. 19, 2015
Presenter:  Bond Calloway (SRNL)

5th European Process Intensification Conference
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The fifth in the series of European Process Intensification Conferences that are held under the auspices of the EFCE Working Party on Process Intensification (WP PI).

Process Intensification Workshop
Sept. 29-30, 2015
Alexandria, VA
This workshop was held by the US DOE Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO). The report is available here.

Sessions at the 2015 AIChE Annual Meeting
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Salt Lake City, UT

Additional Resources

Process Intensification: Transforming Chemical Engineering
This 2000 article published in AIChE's magazine, Chemical Engineering Progress (CEP), takes a closer look at process intensification.


Proceedings of the NSF Workshop on Process Intensification are now available: