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Zachary Berquist

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Berquist, Z.


University of Michigan





Zachary Berquist is a fourth year PhD student in Chemical Engineering at the University of Michigan. His research is on transparent insulating materials for concentrated solar power (CSP). Specifically, Zach is working on optimizing the performance and stability of silica aerogels for use in linear receivers to enable supercritical carbon dioxide power cycles for 3rd generation CSP. Recent promising results may help reduce the cost of CSP and expedite the adoption of carbon-neutral electricity generation technologies. Zach uses principles of reactive diffusion, radiative heat transfer, inorganic chemistry, and nanostructured materials in his work. Future work will include scaling up the aerogel technologies developed in lab and optimizing the processes to minimize costs. Outside of lab, Zach enjoys video games, basketball, board games, cooking/baking, and playing with his dog, Relo.

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2018 AIChE Annual Meeting
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