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Yunwen Zhou

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Zhou, Y.


University of Houston





Yunwen Zhou is a third-year Ph.D student with particular interest in natural gas / light olefin utilization. Prior to joining the Dr. Jeffrey Rimer’s group in University of Houston, she spent three years on designing a novel chiral organic catalyst in Dr. Steven Kass’s group in University of Minnesota. She obtained her B.S. degree in chemical engineering from University of Minnesota in 2015. She then started her current research on developing a novel zeolite catalyst for non-oxidative methane / ethylene upgrading. Under the guidance from Dr. Rimer, she and her co-workers have already published their work on ethylene dehydroaromatization over Ag-ZSM-5. They expect to develop a detailed mechanism on how bifunctional zeolite catalyzes natural gas upgrading.

Associated proceedings 

9th Southwest Process Technology Conference
2018 AIChE Annual Meeting