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Wenying Li

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Li, W.


Taiyuan University of Technology



Prof. Wen-Ying Li got her PhD title in 1995 from Dalian University of Technology. In 1998 she joined Prof. Maier group in Max Planck Institute of Coal Research for combinatorial catalysis research. In 2000 she worked with Prof. Kandiyoti in Imperial College, UK, where she centered on coal liquefaction and characterization of products. She was named as Distinguished Professor of Cheung Kong Scholars Program in 2009, and was the group leader of PCSIRT program and a member of NCET program in 2005, China. Her research interests are in the field of coal structure and its reactivity, coal catalytic conversion technology and assessment/integration/optimization of coal conversion system. At present, she is responsible for about 20 projects including 973 program, 863 program, Chinese Academy of Engineering Strategic Research projects and NSFC, etc. She has published over 100 academic papers and 5 patents.

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2013 AIChE Annual Meeting