Vladimiros Nikolakis

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    Nikolakis, V.
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    University of Delaware
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Vladimiros Nikolakis (Chemical Engineer, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering University of Massachussetts Amherst 2001) is a Principal Researcher at FORTH/ICEHT. His research interests include preparation and characterization of inorganic membranes, membrane separations, modelling of transport and adsorption in microporous materials, zeolite crystallization mechanisms, and encapsulation of Ionic Liquids in porous media having as goal the development of composite High Temperature PEMs comprised from polymers, zeolites and ionic liquids. He has participated in more than 10 R&D projects, funded by EC, the General Secretariat for Research and Technology of Greece, and industry. He has published 28 articles in refereed scientific journals and he has numerous presentations in national and international scientific meetings.

Associated proceedings: 
2013 AIChE Annual Meeting