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Steve Hammond

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Hammond, S.


Pfizer, Inc.





Steve is Senior Director/ Team leader of the Process Analytical Sciences Group, Pfizer Global Manufacturing Services, based in Peapack, NJ, USA. Steve is a graduate of the Royal Institute of Chemistry, London. He has a Masters in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Kent. In 1979 Steve joined Pfizer in the UK, working as an analytical chemist in the Fermentation process Development Group, where he gained an interest in Process Analytical Technology. In 1988, Steve was asked to set-up a specialist Process Analytical Support Group for Pfizer Global Supply. Steve has authored or co-authored many scientific publications on the pharmaceutical applications of Process Analytical Technologies and contributed many oral presentations on this subject. Recently Steve’s Group have been responsible for Pfizer developing the area of advanced sensors and data collection, knowledge engineering, advanced control systems and predictive modelling supporting the development of a “Intelligence based Manufacturing” paradigm within Pfizer.

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2012 AIChE Annual Meeting
2017 Annual Meeting