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Sotiris E. Pratsinis

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Pratsinis, S. E.


ETH Zurich



Sotiris Pratsinis is professor at ETH Zurich teaching Mass Transfer and Micro-Nano-Particle Technology. He has graduated 42 PhDs, now at leading positions in industry and academia across the globe while currently he is advising five and three post-docs. He has published 400+ refereed articles, filed 20+ patents that are licensed to industry and have contributed to the creation of four spinoffs. His research focuses on multiscale particle dynamics & aerosol reactor design. He has pioneered flame synthesis of nanostructured materials with closely controlled characteristics. This scalable process is practiced today worldwide. For example, since 2017 the German National Science Foundation has launched a 6-year program funding 20 PhDs in various universities on the fundamentals of flame spray pyrolysis (FSP) that was developed in his laboratories in 2002. Also Harvard’s School of Public Health is using FSP for synthesis of various nanomaterials to benchmark their toxicity under funding by NIH.


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