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Shedrack G. Akpe

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Akpe, S. G.

Shedrack G. Akpe currently works at the Department of Chemical Engineering, Inha University, Korea. He is in his final semester as a PhD candidate. Prior to venturing into the field of computational catalysis, Shedrack spent a year in the Nanomaterial Synthesis Lab, where he conducted laboratory synthesis and characterization of various metal-organic frameworks (MOF), including MOF-5, MIL-55, ZIF-8, UiO-66, etc. and their utilization for environmental remediation (CO2 capture and H2O treatment. He is presently in the Computational Catalysis & Energy Material Design Lab where he conducts research in the areas of computational catalysis and catalyst design. He is specifically interested in using first-principles DFT studies with the VASP code computational tool to leverage biomass as a sustainable energy material for fuels and value-added chemicals. He is also interested in machine learning and hopes to delve deeper into it for his research in the near future.

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2022 Annual Meeting