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Ratul Chowdhury

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Chowdhury, R.


Harvard Medical School





I am a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Peter Sorger Lab in Systems Bio at Harvard Medical School and AlQuraishi Lab at Columbia University. We developed a deep-learning framework to predict protein structure from amino acid sequence alone and outperformed AlphaFold2 on certain classes of proteins. On the application side of things, I have developed a computational pan-kinome screening platform for assessing drug binding activity using more than 50k drugs. Similar analyses with voltage gated ion channels have been set up for studying pain. During my PhD I worked at the Costas Maranas Lab at Penn State (Chemical Engineering) - and developed mixed integer optimization frameworks for protein design as well as constructing and analyzing eukaryotic metabolic networks (and synthetic lethal genetic interactions based on network topology). In terms of protein design - I worked with channel proteins (separations), enzymes (biofuel/ NRPSs), and de novo antibody design (Parkinsons, Zika, SARS CoV2)

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2022 Annual Meeting