Rachael H. Rothman

  • Citation name:
    Rothman, R. H.
  • Affiliation:
    University of Sheffield
  • Country:
    United Kingdom

I completed my PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Sheffield in 2007 and continued research there in a post doctoral capacity, becoming a lecturer in 2009 and Senior Lecturer in 2014. My main research interests lie in thermochemical and electrochemical cycles for hydrogen production and carbon dioxide utilisation. I am currently lead for the "Electrochemical CO2 reduction" sub-project of a large UK project looking at carbon capture and utilization (4CU). Other recent projects include the European HycycleS project, looking at key components for the Sulphur Iodine and Hybrid Sulphur cycles, and the KNOO (Keeping the Nuclear Option Open) project, investigating nuclear hydrogen production.

Sessions chaired or co-chaired:
(749d) Plastics: Redefining Single Use
2020 Virtual AIChE Annual Meeting (ISBN: 978-0-8169-1114-1)
Associated proceedings: 
2016 AIChE Annual Meeting
2018 AIChE Annual Meeting
2019 AIChE Annual Meeting
2020 Sustainable Packaging Symposium
2020 Virtual AIChE Annual Meeting