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Murilo Toledo Suekuni

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Toledo Suekuni, M.


The University of Kansas





Murilo Toledo Suekuni received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering in 2018. Later on, he received his M.S. also in Chemical Engineering from the University of Kansas (KU), in 2020. Inspired by the demand for more efficient and less intrusive characterization methods, he currently pursues a Ph.D. at KU under the mentoring of Dr. Alan Allgeier. His research endeavors aim to analyze the behavior of fluids in porous media using Time-Domain Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (TD-NMR). The determination of the material molecular information helps the prediction of its behavior in many conditions, providing decisive information on the best application. Besides his academic experience, Murilo also has 6 years of industry background, acting in the Supply Chain department in a food ingredients company and in the Quality Management System within the automotive sector, serving as the local contact for international communications.

Associated proceedings 

2020 Virtual AIChE Annual Meeting
2021 Annual Meeting