Monica Medrano

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    Medrano, M.
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    Southwest Research Institute
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Monica Medrano is a research engineer at Southwest Research Institute® (SwRI®), an independent non-profit multidisciplinary contract research and development company. At SwRI, Monica works in the Fuels and Energy Development Section of the Chemical Engineering Department where she supervises and performs chemical, petroleum, biofuels, bio-oils, and bio-products process development work on laboratory?scale, pilot plant-scale, and demonstration-scale operations. Monica graduated from University of Texas at Austin with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and a B.A. in Spanish and graduated from Texas A&M San Antonio with an M.B.A.

Sessions chaired or co-chaired:
Tutorial On Utilities, Water, and Offsites - YP Tutorial2013 Spring Meeting & 9th Global Congress on Process Safety
Associated proceedings: 
2013 Spring Meeting & 9th Global Congress on Process Safety
2017 Spring Meeting and 13th Global Congress on Process Safety