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Ming Liu

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Liu, M.


East China University of Science and Technology



Disposal of animal manure in an environmentally friendly way is a severe challenge for megacities. At the gasification temperature of chicken manure around 900 °C, the CO2 gasification product is abundant in hydrogen. The co-gasification of chicken manure with petcoke increased the hydrogen content in syngas. The catalytic effect of chicken manure ash on petcoke gasification was investigated individually. The yield of CO in ash catalyzed gasification product of petcoke was more than 5 times higher than that in pure petcoke gasification product, which demonstrated the strong catalytic effect of chicken manure ash on gasification reaction. The microstructure of partially gasified petcoke particles demonstrated the effect of chicken manure ash on pore development. Reaction surface areas of petcoke also would be blocked when adding excess ash in petcoke for gasification. The high content of calcium and potassium contributed to the dramatically catalytic effect of chicken manure ash.

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2020 Virtual AIChE Annual Meeting