Maria Katzarova

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    Katzarova, M.
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    University of Delaware
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Dr. Maria Katzarova is an Associate Scientist at the University of Delaware in the Wagner research group. Dr. Katzarova holds a B. Sc. degree from the University of California, Berkeley and a Ph.D. from the Illinois Institute of Technology, both in Chemical Engineering. She specializes in complex fluids theory and applications including polymer melts and colloidal suspensions with an emphasis on body-armor applications. Dr. Katzarova has worked with the Army Research Laboratory on PDMS-based tissue simulants and body-armor certification. She is presently a PI for the MISSE-9, -10, -13, and -15 ISS experiments testing spacesuit layups treated with specially designed shear-thickening fluids aimed at improving the impact mitigating properties of the spacesuit against potential threats such as MMOD impacts. Dr. Katzarova is currently the PI on a NASA EPSCoR award, investigating the potential of in-situ resource utilization on the Moon and Mars for the purpose of building infrastructure.

Associated proceedings: 
2020 Virtual AIChE Annual Meeting