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Mahmoud Bahy Noureldin

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Noureldin, M. B.


Saudi Aramco


Saudi Arabia

Dr. Mahmoud bahy Noureldin, is an energy consultant at Saudi Aramco. He has Ph.D degree in Chemical Engineering, from Auburn University, USA in the field of process integration, MSc from University of Salford, UK in reactors Design and BSc from Cairo University. Dr. Noureldin has 30 years of industrial and academic experience as a senior lecturer at the Materials and Process engineering department/University of Waikato, New Zealand as a postdoctoral research associate in MIT, US. and Enppi/Brown & Root, Schlumberger, Raychem, ABB process automation, Dupont engineering technology, GE plastics in process design, control, integration and optimization. He has 19 patents, in the field of energy systems optimization,energy efficient process schemes and EIPs planning and retrofit, 50 international publications and conference presentations two books in mass and energy integration.

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