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Mahdi Ahmed

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Ahmed, M.


University Of Sheffield


United Kingdom

Mahdi holds a distinguished First-Class honours MEng degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom, graduating in 2022. Currently, he is an integral part of the Cordiner research group, where he has the role of PhD researcher within the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, under the supervision of Joan Cordiner (FREng). Central to Mahdi's PhD thesis is an exploration of the most effective decarbonization strategies for the chemical engineering sectors. He delves deep into discerning not just sustainable, but economically viable long-term strategies for net-zero. Mahdi's work forms a nexus between the realms of finance, market dynamics, and economics, intertwined with the complexities of modelling. Combined with optimization with existing plant utilities and sensitivity, this research aims to produce a decision-making tool. This instrument is poised to guide industries in their quest to pinpoint the most efficient and sustainable low-carbon energy systems.

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2022 Annual Meeting
2023 AIChE Annual Meeting