Lucas J. Landherr

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    Landherr, L. J.
  • Affiliation:
    Northeastern University
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Sessions chaired or co-chaired:
Disability Unity Convocation (Invited Talks)
2016 AIChE Annual Meeting (ISBN: 978-0-8169-1097-7)
Free Forum on Engineering Education: Junior and Senior Years
2016 AIChE Annual Meeting (ISBN: 978-0-8169-1097-7)
Labs, Experiments and Safety in the ChE Curriculum
2015 AIChE Annual Meeting Proceedings (ISBN: 978-0-8169-1094-6)
Steal This Project!: Case Studies, in-Class Projects, Design Projects
2018 AIChE Annual Meeting (ISBN: 978-0-8169-1108-0)
Areas chaired or co-chaired:
Societal Impact Operating Council (SIOC)
2019 AIChE Annual Meeting (ISBN: 978-0-8169-1112-7)