Liang Yu

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    Yu, L.
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    Washington State University
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Liang Yu is currently a senior Ph.D. candidate at Washington State University’s Department of Biological System Engineering. He obtained interdisciplinary and intercultural education and related industrial experience in the past years. In 1992, he gradated in Polymer Engineering of Chemical Engineering from Zhejiang University. Then he worked 9 years for China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC). He received his M.S. degree in Chemistry Technology of Chemical Engineering from China University of Petroleum, Beijing and his Ph.D. degree in Applied Chemistry Technology of Chemical Engineering from Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Science. His general area of interest is multi-scale simulation, clean fuel production, and reactor system scale-up, with special interest in biomass thermo-chemical conversion and anaerobic digestion.

Associated proceedings: 
2011 Annual Meeting
2017 Annual Meeting