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Kimberly Bowal

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Bowal, K.


Boston University





Kimberly Bowal is a postdoctoral researcher and a Kilachand Fellow of the Multicellular Design Program at Boston University. A chemical engineer by training, she developed and used molecular modelling tools to investigate the self-assembly and structure of carbonaceous nanoparticles (commonly referred to as soot) during her PhD in the Computational Modelling Group under Markus Kraft. Kimberly is fascinated by self-assembled natural systems and transitioned from studying combustion to bacteria through a research visit to the theoretical biophysics group led by Timon Idema at TU Delft. She enjoys learning and developing new computational tools and is applying them to explore the design principles and behaviour of living systems, focusing on the collective dynamics and spatiotemporal patterning of biofilms. When not engaged in research, she enjoys travelling, studying theology and the Bible, and trying new sports or hobbies.

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2021 Annual Meeting