Kent J. Warren

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    Warren, K. J.
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    University of Colorado Boulder
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Kent Warren was born and raised in Mission, Texas and later enrolled at Valparaiso University to study mechanical engineering. While attending VU, he worked as an undergraduate research assistant on two projects that examined the use of concentrated solar energy to drive high-temperature thermochemical reactions. After graduation, he enrolled at the University of Florida where he continued to investigate solar-driven production of value-added commodities as a graduate research assistant. Specifically, he evaluated the thermodynamics and kinetics of solar chemical-looping reforming of methane over ceria, a promising pathway for the production of syngas, and manufactured a prototype reactor to demonstrate the aforementioned process. At UF, he receved a M.S. in mechanical engineering in May 2017 and ultimately graduated with a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering in May 2019. Shortly after, Kent joined Team Weimer as a postdoctoral associate to assist in the development of solar technologies that facilitate H2O and/or CO2 splitting.

Associated proceedings: 
2019 Solar Energy Systems Conference
2020 Virtual AIChE Annual Meeting