Kanchan Mondal

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    Mondal, K.
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    Southern Illinois University
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Dr Mondal is an Associate Professor in Southern Illinois University. His research is primarily directed towards environmentally benign process development with current focus on carbon dioxide reduction and materials to enable alternative energy generation options. His research encompasses development of a clean coal technology (1 patent pending), development of enhanced reactivity CO2 capture agents, development of novel catalysts for carbon dioxide fixation into chemicals and coal to liquid fuels ( 2 patent disclosure), development of materials for environmental remediation, development of low temperature hydrogenation processes (1 patent), supercritical processing, corrosion resistant materials, nanomaterials, energy systems analysis and other issues related to finding engineering solutions to improve the quality of life.

Associated proceedings: 
2016 AIChE Annual Meeting
2017 Annual Meeting
2013 AIChE Annual Meeting