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Justin J. Hill

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Hill, J. J.


Mainstream Engineering Corporation





Justin J. Hill holds dual bachelor’s degrees in Chemical Engineering and Applied Mathematics from North Carolina State University and is a recent doctoral graduate from the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Florida. Dr. Hill’s graduate studies furthered the fundamental understanding of photoelectrochemical energy conversion in nanowire-based dye-sensitized solar cells through continuum-based modeling of the photoanode and template-based fabrication of core/shell nanowire devices. His primary research interests include low-cost fabrication alternatives, such as self-assembled and electrochemical nanostructure growth, toward the development of highly efficient energy conversion and storage technology. In order to focus and direct the development of these technologies, Dr. Hill is interested in efforts that couple experimental and theoretical understanding of device operation. He currently holds dual positions as Principle Investigator of Materials Science at Mainstream Engineering in Rockledge, Florida and Adjunct Professor of Chemical Engineering at the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida.


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