Josh Kolenc

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    Kolenc, J.
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    Curtiss-Wright, Farris Engineering Services
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Josh Kolenc is a graduate of the University of Alberta with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. His current role is VP, Software Development for Farris Engineering. Josh joined Farris Engineering in 1980 has served in a variety of functions in his 38 year career. His most important contributions were authorizing two key engineering programs, SizeMaster and iPRSM. Sizemaster, introduced in the 1980’s, was the first software program to automate the complex process of sizing and selecting pressure relief valves. In 2004, based on the foundation of SizeMaster, iPRSM was introduced. iPRSM, an engineering program to design and audit relief systems, is a transformation tool for management of relief systems. For his work with iPRSM, Josh was awarded three patents 7,565,215, 7,617,013 & 7,904,190. Josh is active member of DIERS (Design Institute for Emergency Relief Systems) and a voting member of API on the 520/521/526/527 committees.

(175b) Understanding the Impact of Acoustic Induced Vibration on Piping Systems2018 Spring Meeting and 14th Global Congress on Process Safety