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Ioanna Kalospyrou

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Kalospyrou, I.


University of Sheffield


United Kingdom

Ioanna Kalospyrou is a PhD researcher and EPSRC iCASE scholar at the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. Her research is in collaboration with EDF ?nergy and focuses on electricity trading and EV utilisation. Ioanna graduated with a First-Class Honours MEng degree in Chemical Engineering with Biological Engineering from the same university in 2023. Upon its completion she had obtained the top grade of her master’s year cohort as well as received the academic award for best research project as a result of her master’s thesis on computational modelling of mRNA vaccine production. Her core competencies include mathematical modelling of energy and biological systems, process engineering and data analysis.

Associated proceedings 

2023 AIChE Annual Meeting