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Iftekhar Karimi

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Karimi, I.


National University of Singapore



Professor Karimi specializes in Process Modeling, Synthesis, Integration, Optimization and Development; Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency; Machine Learning, Oil and Gas supply chains; Carbon Capture & Utilization; and Technoeconomic Assessments. His Process Systems Engineering (PSE) team helps guide the Green Energy Programme in the most promising directions. He has published extensively in the area of PSE, with >8000 citations till date, and has led many industry-collaborative research and consulting projects (e.g. SRC, SLNG, SPPG, Shell, Rolls-Royce, Qatargas). Professor Karimi’s work is also supported by NRF, NCCS, EMA, ExxonMobil and SgEC.


Associated proceedings 

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2022 Annual Meeting
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