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Guido Busca

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Busca, G.


University of Genova



Prof. Guido Busca received his Laurea Degree at the University of Milan in 1977. He was assistant professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Bologna from 1983 to 1988. Since 1988 he was Associated Professor and since 2000 full professor of Chemistry at University of Genova. Since 2004 he is full professor of Industrial and Technological Chemistry at the University of Genova. He has been the Coordinator of the Italian Group of Catalysis, 2000-2002. He was Chairman of the 6th World Congress on Catalysis by Acids and Bases (2009) and of the 7th World Congress on Chemistry of Group 5 elements (2011). Since 2010 he is the Chairman of the teaching board in Chemical Engineering of the University of Genova . He published 450 full papers in the field of surface chemistry of oxide materials including heterogeneous catalysis cited 12500 times. His h index is 58 (Web of Science).


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