Gisella Lamas-Samanamud

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    Lamas-Samanamud, G.
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    University of Kentucky Paducah Extended Campus
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Gisella is a Brazilian with Peruvian ancestry. She holds a BS and a MS in Biochemical and Chemical Engineering by the University of Sao Paulo. She did her PhD in Environmental Sciences & Engineering at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). Her appointment as a Postdoc consisted of doing research in biofilms, teaching and mentoring undergraduates. Gisella works as a lecturer for the University of Kentucky – Paducah extended campus. She understands the importance of the interaction between industry and academia, and she applies these concepts by bringing a diverse group of hidden figures in engineering as guest speakers. Gisella’s involvement with AIChE started in 2018 when she became a lecturer. She currently serves as the UK Paducah AIChE faculty advisor. She also joined the AIChE K12 program as a newsletter chair in 2020. She was a strong advocate to a color-blindly palettes and templates in the newsletter.

Associated proceedings: 
2019 AIChE Annual Meeting