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Eleftherios Papoutsakis

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Papoutsakis, E.


University of Delaware





E. Terry Papoutsakis: Eugene DuPont Chair Professor; Dept. of Chem. & Biomolecular Engineering, Univ. of Delaware. Papoutsakis' group was one of the first to recognize the importance of and study the fundamental mechanisms, both fluid-mechanical and biological, underlying cell injury/death due to mixing and aeration in animal-cell bioreactors, and the importance of bioprocess parameters on protein glycosylation. He pioneered bioprocessing issues in stem-cell biotechnologies, and is widely recognized as a leader in metabolic engineering of the industrial anaerobes clostridia. His lab is interested in developing strains of industrial importance in the biorenewable arena, with emphasis on complex, non-pathway dependent traits. Recent Honors & Awards. 2012 James E. Bailey Award, SBE/AIChE (Soc. Biological Eng.; Amer. Institute of Chem. Engineers); Fellow of the American Chemical Society (2011); 2010 Metabolic Engineering Award; 2010 Gaden award; 2005 Amgen Biochemical Engineering Award; 2004 Merck Cell Culture Engineering Award; 2003 Alpha Chi Sigma AIChE Award.


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