Dietlinde Jakobi

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    Jakobi, D.
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    Schmidt + Clemens GmbH & Co. KG
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Dr. Dietlinde Jakobi is holding a master’s degree in technical chemistry and a Ph. D. in natural sciences from the Technical University of Aachen, Germany. Dr. Jakobi joined Schmidt + Clemens in January 1999. She is currently the Corperate Director of the Sales and the Research & Development Services Department. Dr. Jakobi and her team published a significant number of papers related to high temperature alloys and technologies used for different industrial high temperature applications and the development results of the S+C research & development team have contributed to decisive new inventions and numerous worldwide patents.

Associated proceedings: 
2013 Spring Meeting & 9th Global Congress on Process Safety
2017 Spring Meeting and 13th Global Congress on Process Safety
2019 Spring Meeting and 15th Global Congress on Process Safety