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Devendra Pakhare

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Pakhare, D.


Louisiana State University





I am a final year graduate student in Chemical Engineering at Louisiana State University (LSU). I completed by B.Tech from Univeristy Institute of Chemical Technology (UICT), Mumbai, India. My research is concentrated on natural gas reforming by CO2 to synthesis gas by using novel pyrochlore catalysts. My research concentrates on the fundamentals of catalysis like, determining the rate limiting step, the order of reaction, active sites for CH4 and CO2 during the reforming reaction. Studying catalytic fundamentals of a reaction has helped me acquire skills with characterization techniques like XPS, XANES, in-situ FTIR, XRD, TEM. Experienced in constructing mathematical models and relating it to the experimental results to build a kinetic rate model with the mechanistic aspects of the reaction. Mathematical modeling involved detailed statistical analysis of the experimental data and testing its significance to the mathematical model.

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2013 AIChE Annual Meeting