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Davood Babaei Pourkargar

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Babaei Pourkargar, D.


Kansas State University





Davood Pourkargar joined the Tim Taylor Department of Chemical Engineering as an assistant professor in 2020. Previously, he had been a senior engineer for ExxonMobil Research and Engineering, 2019-2020; a postdoctoral associate in the department of chemical engineering and materials science at the University of Minnesota, 2016-2019; and a postdoctoral researcher in the Catalysis Center for Energy Innovation and the department of chemical and biomolecular engineering at the University of Delaware, 2015-2016. He earned a doctoral degree from Pennsylvania State University in 2015, and M.S. and B.S. degrees from Sharif University of Technology in 2010 and 2008, respectively. His research interests fall in the areas of optimization-based control of complex process networks, smart manufacturing, and system identification using process data analytics and machine learning.

Sessions chaired or co-chaired

Applied Math for Energy and Environmental Applications
2022 Annual Meeting (ISBN: 978-0-8169-1118-9)
Estimation and Control under Uncertainty
2022 Annual Meeting (ISBN: 978-0-8169-1118-9)
Integrated Product and Process Design
2022 Annual Meeting (ISBN: 978-0-8169-1118-9)
Process Intensification through Process Systems Engineering
2022 Annual Meeting (ISBN: 978-0-8169-1118-9)
Process Monitoring & Fault Detection
2022 Annual Meeting (ISBN: 978-0-8169-1118-9)


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