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Daniel Howe

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Howe, D.


Pacific Northwest National Laboratory





Dr. Daniel Howe is a senior research engineer for the Chemical and Biological Process Development Group at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. He holds a BS and MS in chemical engineering from Montana State University, and a PhD in chemical engineering from Washington State University. Dan has worked in a number of fields at PNNL, including catalysis, microtechnology, material science, and thermochemical conversions of biomass. His current work focuses on determining the yield and quality of biofuels generated through thermochemical processes as a function of the chemical composition of the starting biomass. Conversion pathways of interest include fast pyrolysis, catalytic fast pyrolysis, hydrothermal liquefaction, gasification, and hydrotreatment. He also works on characterizing the aqueous byproduct from these processes for further catalytic upgrading to fuels and specialty chemicals, and the development of low greenhouse gas fuels for the transportation industry.

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