Barry A. Perlmutter

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    Perlmutter, B. A.
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    BHS-Filtration Inc.
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Barry A. Perlmutter is currently President and Managing Director of BHS-Sonthofen Inc., a subsidiary of BHS-Sonthofen GmbH. BHS is a manufacturer of thin-cake filtration, washing and drying technologies. Barry has over 30 years of technical engineering and business marketing experience in the field of solid-liquid separation including filtration and centrifugation and process drying. He has published and lectured extensively worldwide on the theory and applications for the chemical, pharmaceutical and energy / environmental industries and has been responsible for introducing and creating growth for many European companies and technologies into the marketplace. Barry began his career with the US Environmental Protection Agency. He received a BS degree in Chemistry from Albany State (NY) University, MS degree from the School of Engineering at Washington University, St. Louis and an MBA from the University of Illinois. Barry served on the Board of Directors of the American Filtration and Separations Society (AFS).

Associated proceedings: 
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2011 Spring Meeting & 7th Global Congress on Process Safety
2012 Spring Meeting & 8th Global Congress on Process Safety
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