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Babu Joseph

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Joseph, B.


University of South Florida





Dr. Joseph graduated from IIT/Kanpur with B. Tech in ChE and obtained his MS and Ph.D. in ChE from Case Western Reserve University. He then joined MIT where he worked on the ASPEN Simulator. He joined Chemical Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis in 1978. In 2002 he became Professor and Chair of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering at University of South Florida in Tampa. His research is focused on waste to energy conversion . He is the author of two books ( Real Time Personal Computing,1989 and Techniques of Model Based Control, 2002), one edited volume (Wavelet Applications,1996). During the year 1985-86 he was visiting professor at the UCBerkeley and, during 2016-17, he was Visiting Fulbright-Nehru Scholar at IIT/Bombay. He is co-founder of T2C-Energy, LLC.( a small business working on converting landfill gas to diesel. He is a Fellow of AIChE


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