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Antonio Sánchez

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Sánchez, A.


University of Salamanca



Antonio Sánchez is currently a PhD student in Chemical Engineering at the University of Salamanca. Antonio received his bachelor’s in chemical engineering with honors at the University of Salamanca, in 2015, and his master in the same university in 2017. During this time, he received a research grant for undergraduates from Spanish Government and the TCUE award from the Foundation of the University of Salamanca. After the master, he was an internship engineer in Procter and Gamble, Newcastle Technical Center focus on modeling and simulation. He received a FPU grant from the Ministry of Education in Spain to carry out his PhD. His thesis is about the sustainable chemical process design and optimization. During the thesis (2019), Antonio was a visitor in the Qi Zhang Group at University of Minnesota.

Associated proceedings 

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2020 Virtual AIChE Annual Meeting
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