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Zydney, A.


Pennsylvania State University





Dr. Andrew L. Zydney is the Bayard D. Kunkle Chair and Professor of Chemical Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University. He also serves as Director of the Penn State site in the Membrane Science, Engineering, and Technology (MAST) Center. Dr Zydney was Head of the Chemical Engineering Department from 2004-2014. Professor Zydney's research is focused on the application of membranes in bioprocessing, including the purification of monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, and gene therapy agents. Dr. Zydney served as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Membrane Science from 2010-2019. He is the most recent recipient of the Alan S. Michaels Award for Innovation in Membrane Science and Technology, and he has previously received the American Chemical Society (ACS) Award in Separations Science and Technology, the Gerhold Award for Excellence in Separation Science, the Excellence in Biological Engineering Publications award from AIChE, and the Warren K. Lewis Award from AIChE.

Sessions chaired or co-chaired

Membrane Research and Innovation Activities around the World I
2013 AIChE Annual Meeting (ISBN: 978-0-8169-1110-3)
Membrane Research and Innovation Activities around the World II
2013 AIChE Annual Meeting (ISBN: 978-0-8169-1110-3)
University/Industry Partnerships in Bioseparations (Invited Talks)
2023 AIChE Annual Meeting (ISBN: 978-0-8169-1120-2)


(131i) Remarks by Andrew Zydney
2021 Annual Meeting (ISBN: 978-0-8169-1116-5)

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