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Alessia Valotta

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Valotta, A.

Born in Milan and grown in the South of Italy, after completing my A-levels in 2013 I decided to move to Rome to study Chemical Engineering at La Sapienza University. I completed my Bachelor in 2016 after submitting a thesis with title “Adsorption of Reactive-violet 5 onto de-oiled microalgae”. Shortly after I moved to Graz to start my Master studies in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering. For my Master thesis I joined the research group “Continuous Processes” of Heidrun Gruber-Wölfler at the Institute of Process and Particle Engineering (IPPE) and I have worked on the development and implementation of microreactors for continuous organic synthesis. Immediately after completing my studies I got a PhD student position within the program “CATalytic mechanisms and AppLications of OXidoreductases" (CATALOX) funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF). Since November 2019 I am also employed as University Assistant at IPPE.

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2023 AIChE Annual Meeting