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Cote, A.


Merck & Co., Inc.





Dr. Aaron Côté has worked in Merck’s Chemical Process Development & Commercialization (CPDC) Department for the last 15 years, since graduating with his PhD in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University. He holds the title of Distinguished Scientist as he leads the CPDC Technology Labs, a group of subject matter experts which focuses on crystallization process development, particle engineering, reaction engineering, process modeling, continuous processing, and high-throughput and automation methodologies. Prior to this position, Aaron was the Director of Merck’s Crystallization Lab for 8 years. Currently, Aaron serves as the head of Merck’s Commercialization Technical Forum, the Scientific Advisors, Merck’s Manufacturing Innovation Community of Practice, and the CPDC Technology Oversight Committee. He is also a member of the Association for Crystallization Technology steering committee.

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