Model 3500XD X-Ducer medium-consistency paper-pulp pump

The Model 3500XD X-Ducer medium-consistency paper-pulp pump features a patented air-separation device that agitates paper pulp to assist flow into the pump inlet, while separating air from the water and fibers. The pump achieves lower operating costs and smaller motor sizes by increasing efficiency by 5–8% and enabling the pumping of medium-consistency pulp up to 10% without the use of a vacuum pump. Also, the head generation has increased, typically by 5%. The Model 3500XD uses the manufacturer’s inducer technology and can be retrofitted in the field

DrumQuik 3-port universal dispensing adaptor

The DrumQuik 3-port universal dispensing adaptor enables a pump to be connected to virtually any container. It is suitable for both low-flow dosing and high-flow transfer applications. Multiple materials, flow sizes and termination options are available to handle the transfer of all types of fluid media. The adaptor facilitates the connection and disconnection of multiple chemical lines in a process while minimizing chemical exposure and maintaining workplace safety. It features a 0.75-in.

Vectra SX Series liquid ring pumps and compressors

Vectra SX Series liquid ring pumps and compressors use less energy and consume less operating liquid than competitive models, saving users up to 40% on power consumption and 50% on water usage. They have been designed with optimized internal passages and low operating speeds to ensure a long, reliable operating life. The high-vacuum variation provides efficient performance to 1 in. Hg (abs) and is suitable for deaeration, degasification, distillation, drying and evaporation applications.

Pentaflex Series 7.0 GPM high-pressure diaphragm pumps

Pentaflex Series 7.0 GPM high-pressure diaphragm pumps are constructed with a co-injection-molded diaphragm, which virtually eliminates potential leak paths. Their five-chamber design allows operation at pressures exceeding 60 psi. The pumps have self-priming capabilities that exceed 10 ft, and they are available in 12-VDC and 24-VDC models. Constructed of Santo/EPDM (ethylene propylene diene M-class rubber) and Santo/Viton fluoroelastomer, they are strong enough to handle many tough chemicals without corroding.

Peristaltic Pump Gear Motor (PPGM) series

The ultra-quiet peristaltic pump gear motor (PPGM) series is designed for use with a wide range of peristaltic positive displacement pumps, including those that operate in liquid transportation, dosing and ultrafiltration applications. The motors are built to withstand the highly cyclical requirements typical of peristaltic pumps by generating significant torque at a relatively low operating rate.

Micro C-Series pumps

The Micro C-Series pumps, like the larger C-Series pumps, can be drained, flushed and cleaned without disassembly. Three models designed for transferring small doses in continuous applications are available: the MC500 for flowrates of 0.1–2.2 gal/min (0.4–8.3 L/min) at 72.5 psi (5 bar) maximum pressure; the MC250 for 0.05–1.1 gal/min at 145 psi; and the MC125 for 0.03–0.6 gal/min at 217.5 psi. The pumps feature sealless construction, are self-priming, and can be run dry for short periods of time. They measure 9.5 in. long × 5 in. high × 4.5 in. wide, and weigh 17 lb.

520RE high-pressure chemical-metering peristaltic pump

The 520RE high-pressure chemical-metering peristaltic pump can operate at pressures up to 100 psi. Its combination of tube elements and pumphead design allows it to be used in applications requiring accurate metering, dosing and transferring of harsh chemicals, including sodium hypochlorite, ferric chloride, sodium bisulfite, aluminum, fluoride, carbon and lime slurries, polymers, aqueous ammonia, potassium permanganate and caustic slurries. The 520RE pump offers flows of 3,500 mL/min at 30 psi to 450 mL/min at 100 psi.

Semi-Hermetic Scroll Vacuum Pump/Compressor

Originally developed to pump helium for a space-based cryo-cooler, this new semi-hermetic scroll features a patent-pending design that completely seals the pumping section of the unit, but allows cooling of both scrolls. Cool operation enables the unit to operate effectively at higher pressures and vacuums. As a compressor, the unit can develop up to 60 psig and has a displacement of 2 ft3/min. The vacuum model can develop up to 200 mtorr ultimate vacuum, with a displacement of 2 ft3/min.

Dynapump LE Series of sealless, canned motor pumps

The Dynapump LE Series of sealless, canned motor pumps combines state-of-the-art design with global manufacturing efficiencies to provide reliability, secondary containment, and bearing-wear monitoring in an ANSI B73.3- compliant, plug-and-play sealless pump. These standard features make maintenance less frequent and more predictive. The pump’s sealless centrifugal motor enables plants to exceed industry standards for environmental, personnel and facility safety.

Type HX high-temperature non-seal canned motor pump

The Type HX high-temperature non-seal canned motor pump is designed for hot fluids (maximum 662ºF, 350ºC) without cooling. The pump uses an exclusive all-ceramic motor insulation system and can be externally insulated for maximum system thermal efficiency, making it ideal for heat-transfer oil services. Optional jacketing in conjunction with the ceramic motor insulation system makes the HX well suited for handling high-melting-point liquids (above 284ºF, 40ºC), which would exceed the temperature limits of normal organic motor insulation materials.


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