DYNAJETS High-Efficiency Water Jet Nozzles

The DYNAJETS high-efficiency water jet nozzles produce an extremely erosive environment, enabling significant increases in cleaning, cutting and drilling rates over conventional jet nozzles. They employ cavitation, acoustic excitation, and turbulent jet interruption and structuring through passive manipulation of the flow to create large high-frequency stresses on the target surface or in the liquid. This is accomplished completely by interaction of the liquid with the nozzle geometry and involves no moving parts or additional power source.

Relief Valve

This thermoplastic valve provides the rigidity and high purity required for lined pipe, eliminating the need for heavier and more costly linedmetal valves. The Teflon-diaphragm relief valve is equipped with an intrinsic flange, and features a plastic body, resulting in a non-leaching, contamination-free relief or bypass valve. The valve is available with an integral flange connection in Teflon, PTFE, Kynar PVDF, and natural, unpigmented polypropylene.

Kenics KM Series

The Kenics KM series static mixers feature a patented helical mixing element that produces complete radial mixing and flow division for any combination of liquids, gases or solids. The smooth element geometry results in efficient mixing of miscible fluids in laminar or turbulent flow and dispersion of immiscible fluids or gases, while producing very low pressure drop. The static mixers have no moving parts and require no external power or regular maintenance. Four distinct styles are offered: fixed-element, removable-element, edge-sealed element, and element-assembly.

Compact Solenoid Valve

This compact gradient valve simulates a constant flow by utilizing rapid-cycling miniature solenoid valves to dispense gradients from multiple fluid streams in precise, repeatable proportions suitable for precision, high-purity diverting and mixing applications. An innovative armature drives the valve faster, with less energy, to assure controlled flow with repeatable opening and closing times. The gradient valves are designed for flexibility, with a rapid response time of only 2 ms to provide modulating flowrates at constant pressures to simulate a constant flow.

Pre-Engineered Skids Speed Pump Installation

Designed to consolidate and ease chemical feed pump installation for municipal water and wastewater applications, these skids are manufactured to uniform sizes and layouts whenever possible to speed placement of multiple pumps. Each skid is equipped with process components that typically include calibration columns, back-pressure valves, pressure-relief valves, pulsation dampeners and gauges. Fabricated from PVC, CPVC or other corrosion-resistant materials, each skid features a drip ledge for containment of spills, an integral drain, and cut-outs to accommodate forklift equipment

Viking Mag Drive 855 Series Internal Gear Pumps

The Viking Mag Drive 855 series internal gear pumps offer exceptional reliability through their robust, sealless design, which eliminates seal leakage. The pump’s driver turns an outer magnet, whose force passes through a stationary O-ring-sealed canister to turn an inner magnet, which drives the pump shaft without the need for seals. The pumps feature adjustable end clearance to maximize efficiency, and ANSI- or DIN-flanged ports for sealing reliability. They may be close-coupled to NEMA C or IEC B5-flange motors, or long-coupled.

Pilot Fluidized-Bed Reactor

Harper International has recently added a pilot fluidizedbed reactor to its Lancaster, NY, process-development technology center. The pilot reactor is capable of testing at temperatures up to 1,000°C. Materials that can be processed include inorganic powder/granules, refractory metal or metal compound powder, precious metal compounds, carbon/graphite powder and granules, ceramics, nanomaterials, and catalysts.

AMISTCO Improved Pall Ring (AIPR)

The AMISTCO improved pall ring (AIPR) allows greater capacity, lower pressure drop, and even and thorough gas and liquid bed distribution. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including gas dehydration, demethanizing, tall oil fractionating, CO2/H2S removal, high-vacuum distillation and vacuum crude stills. Although similar in outward appearance to Pall rings, AIPR packing offers more interior surface due to more twists and bends in the internal geometry.

Duplex Chemical-Feed Pump Systems

Easy to install, these duplex chemical-feed pump systems are designed such that in the event of a primary pump failure, the standby pump provides an immediate replacement. In addition, the systems can also be used to double the flowrate of a fluid, or to pump two separate fluids simultaneously. They are available in various configurations, including: a manual control system with duty standby pump; 4–20-mA control system with duty standby pump; pH pump system with duty standby pump; and pH pump system with separate pumps. Customized systems are also available.

SR-800 valve

The design of the SR-800 valve eliminates the interior spaces where liquids and foreign matter can accumulate. The valve has a unique piston design using O-rings behind a Teflon wall to significantly improve sealing and self-cleaning. The piston completely fills the valve interior, making it impossible for matter to collect. It does this by closing flush to the valve end, eliminating any recesses or cavities. The fabricated SR-800 valve body is constructed of BPE and 3A-compliant, low-sulfur- content 316 stainless steel to eliminate rouging.


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