Created in 1978 under the auspices of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers the Design Institute for Physical Properties (DIPPR) has become the premier research collaboration on physical property data to satisfy process engineering needs. Currently, the DIPPR® 801 database contains recommendations for 34 constant properties and 15 temperature-dependent properties for over 2,200 compounds.

DIPPR focuses on (a) culling all available data from worldwide citations, (b) recommending data values based on a proprietary data evaluation methodology, and in the absence of data estimated values based on established as well as in-house methods, and  (c) subjecting the database to  an extensive GOLD STANDARD evaluation methodology which provides insights into the currency and quality of the database as well guidance for measuring values if data is not available or considered of poor quality or would help improve an estimation method.

DIPPR sponsors leverage scarce research funds and personnel time through the research collaboration and, in addition, research funds are augmented through income derived from licensing a non-proprietary version of the database.