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AIChE Mentoring Program: Your Experience Is Mine


Mejía, Z., Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras

The AIChE mentoring program is a project design to provide freshman year students with a personalized senior student mentor in order to motivate, guide and teach them practical studying methods that could guarantee a good academic performance as well as a personal growth within the community and to embrace AIChE values like leadership, social conscience and proactivity. The social and academic committee of the National Autonomous University of Honduras student chapter came together to create this project as a response to a notorious increment in the failure rate in subjects such as Introduction to chemical engineering and general chemistry. We found out that some of the factors that influenced students’ performances were self-esteem, lack of motivation, studying habits and attention deficits. Furthermore, many freshman students didn’t have a clear idea on what exactly chemical engineering is. With the help of surveys and direct communication we were able to evaluate each student situation; thus, personalized activities were prepared for them such as one on one tutoring, forums and workshops. Wonderful that when we decide to share our knowledge with others, we realize that your experience is mine.