RAPID Manufacturing Institute Announces 2018 Project Selections

August 27, 2018
Today the RAPID Manufacturing Institute announced its 2018 projects selected for funding. Bill Grieco, RAPID's CEO, stated, “The selection process was highly competitive. We received 48 comprehensive submissions that not only addressed our technical focus areas but also reflected our education and...

RAPID Interns--Our Newest Ambassadors for Process Intensification

August 17, 2018
As summer draws to a close, we thank all our RAPID interns, their mentors and project sponsors for their participation in our first RAPID Summer Intern Program. Below, our last group of interns echos all we have heard so far about how process intensification has made a lasting and important...

RAPID Spotlight Series: Meet Our Summer Interns

August 2, 2018
RAPID Manufacturing Institute interns are hard at work this summer learning about process intensification (PI) and applying what they’ve learned to their respective projects. They are working on everything from cost analyses and projections to equipment design. Here’s what they have to say about PI...

Don’t Miss Out on RAPID’s Process Intensification Webinars!

July 12, 2018
Process Intensification (PI) is one of the most promising areas for the chemical process industry today as it seeks to create breakthrough technologies and equipment that can produce significant cost and energy savings. To date, five webinars have debuted out of a series of ten covering a range of...