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Value-Chain Management

AIChE Sustainability Index

Value-chain management relates to:

  • Environmental Management Systems — presence of an environmental management system (EMS) at the corporate and facility levels
  • Supply Chain Management — policies and procedures related to suppliers’ sustainability, presence of sustainability evaluation and audits for first-tier suppliers, and management of second- and higher-tier suppliers.

The Responsible Care Management System (RCMS) and RC14001, which combines elements of RCMS and ISO 14001, are becoming the new standards for environmental management in the chemical industry. All major chemical companies have implemented RCMS or RC14001 at the corporate level and are making progress, to varying degrees, on implementing an EMS in all major facilities.
Most of the companies reviewed have supplier policies related to EHS and sustainability. Five require supplier environmental and/or safety evaluations, and two require such evaluations for suppliers to earn a “preferred” designation.