Optimization of Enhanced Weathering Networks with P-Graph and Pinch Analysis

Aviso, K., De La Salle University
Jain, S., Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Bandyopadhyay, S., Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Pimentel, J., Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Tan, R., De La Salle University
Friedler, F., Pazmany Peter Catholic University

Enhanced weathering is a negative emissions technology (NET) that is based on application of crushed CO2-reactive rocks on agricultural or marginal lands. Such rocks react with atmospheric CO2 and water from rainfall to form products that dissolve in runoff, and ultimately result in final sequestration of carbon in bodies of water. Scale-up of enhanced weathering as a commercial NET will require coordination of rock quarrying, crushing, and application in a supply chain network. Optimization models will be needed to facilitate planning of such enhanced weathering networks; a basic linear programming (LP) formulation has been developed by Tan and Aviso (2019). In this work, two approaches based on P-graph and pinch analysis are proposed as alternatives to the LP model. These methods are applied on an illustrative case study.



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