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Comparative Characterization of Biomass


Saleem, H. - Presenter, University of the Punjab

The use of renewable energy sources is becoming increasingly necessary, if we are to achieve the
changes required to address the impacts of global warming. Biomass is the most common form
of renewable energy, widely used in the third world but until recently, less so in the Western
world. The type of biomass required is largely determined by the energy conversion process and
the form in which the energy is required.
The different industrial wastes samples collected from different industries were analyzed and
their proximate and calorific analysis was carried out using muffle furnace and bomb calorimeter. The analysis was carried out under ASTM (American Society for
Testing Materials).
The choice of a solid material to be used as a fuel depends upon all the factors calculated in this
report, all these factors are important during the selection, combustion system,
operating cost, maintenance, transportation and storage. Samples were Bagasse, wood, cow dung, rice husk and wheat straw.