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Coal Bed Methane in Pakistan: Difficulties and Prospects

The greatest challenge, the energy sector is facing today is how to meet the rising demand of energy on the other hand, the depletion of natural resources.Technological development suggests the enhancement of non-renewable energy resources. The energy crises and price escalation have led to other alternative resources to compete daily increasing energy demand. To meet the rapidly increasing demand for energy and faster depletion of conventional energy resources, Coal bed Methane is an important solution to meet the rising demands of energy considering nation growth. Pakistan with other countries is madly searching for alternate resources like coal bed methane (CBM), shale gas, and gas hydrate. CBM is considered to be the most reliable resource and Pakistan is indeed blessed with vast yet untapped resources waiting to be explored.The present paper discussed about the prospect of CBM as a clean energy source, difficulty involved in production of CBM, enhanced recovery techniques.